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About Meg Pukel

Originally from Miami, Florida, Meg Pukel launched her career in photography at Syracuse University. In 1999, she earned a B.F.A. in Fine Art Photography, graduating with honors. During her tenure at Syracuse, desire and passion directed Meg to advance her studies in Florence, Italy. Provoked, challenged, and inspired in this 'art imitates life' medium, Pukel was awarded the Anthony J. Wirpsa Scholarship in her final year for outstanding academic work in the visual arts.

Returning to Miami, Florida, and upon invitation from the local community college in 2005, Meg began her teaching career by designing an entry level digital photography course. She seasoned her assignments to develop skills and provoke the visual field of each student. Quickly establishing her style combining skill with tenacity, Pukel forged her talent as a dedicated instructor. She was immediately recognized for her brilliance and intensity through her unique techniques as a photographer. Meg impacts her students with her vision to transform real life into intimate innovative art.

Meg is passionate about her photography! Her work visually impacts the viewer with the complexities of existence in today’s society and has been displayed at numerous galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and alternative spaces.

Brashness and reality lends her work greater dimension and diversity. Remaining loyal to her vision, Meg’s images create a unique perspective of the nude female body; first by photographing the nude form, then projecting the figure at night onto a particular landscape. Each piece represents a “truth” and immediately takes possession of the viewer’s thoughts. This process is completed using a generator as the light source and a slide projector to cast the image. Through these dynamics, the artist explores the relationship between the projected female self and the singular landscape to provoke new dimensions.

Teaching at Miami Dade College since 2005, her course work increased to year round as student's requests poured in for Pukel as their instructor, so she added intermediate and advanced classes as well. During each semester, Meg presents material with such ease and humor that she sets a confident tone for each student to excel. Her creative ideas for presentations and activities are inventive and entertaining; they are also astonishingly effective. In addition, she has organized several college photography shows for her students.

Meg presents workshops in the community at a variety of venues to continue her interest in programs related to community development. She has designed many impressive programs for her peers as well. Most recently, her exceptional skills and professionalism caught the attention of the Museum of Contemporary Art where Pukel was invited to teach their summer workshop in Photojournalism. With teenage students from a variety of backgrounds, there was often conflict, and occasionally confrontation. While setting limits, Meg managed to respond consistently with respect and compassion. The experience had a profound effect on the young participants.

In addition for the last seven years, Meg offers private instruction in Photography and Photoshop to mentor many students of all ages and abilities. She has earned enormous respect for her teaching and leadership skills. She is both conscientious and energetic, a pioneer in the fields of leadership and management.

Pukel’s influences are varied. She has experienced life on both coasts, including extensive travel abroad. Embedded with challenge and change, these environments have promoted creativity through exposure and experience evolving to shape opinion and truth. Wrapped with attitude and candor, her teaching remains contemporary and contemplative.

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